"I hate practice but I hate losing even more."
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i think my saddest moment as an Australian was finding out that the rest of the world doesn’t say “never eat soggy weetbix” to figure out the order of the compass

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Then finish it, ‘cause I’m with you till the end of the line.
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I absolutely adore haikyuu!! so here’s some hinata (ノ*¯︶¯*)ノ *:・゚✧♥

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okay but hear me out

  • male jaeger pilots getting extra moody when their female co-pilots are on their periods
  • male jaeger pilots getting to experience cramps via the drift and their faces go ashy and white and they have to clench their jaws to keep it together
  • male jaeger pilots providing small comforts to their female co-pilots because they know what they need without having to ask
  • male jaeger pilots calling out other pilots for their misogynistic shit because NAH BRO YOU DON’T FUCKIN KNOW
  • male jaeger pilots being able to tell when their female partner is pregnant before they can and either having to break it to them up front or find ways to give them hints
  • Fierce lady pilots with giant teddybear dudepilots
  • ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

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Anything on his collar?
     Collar says it’s “Arrow”.
Ehn. I’ll come up with something better.

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this makes me too happy

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no but what pisses me off is when parents dont let boys and girls hang out as friends like especially when it comes to sleepovers

like no i dont want his dick in me i want to sit on my floor and throw board game pieces at him when i lose

finally someone said it

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"What makes you so special?"
"Nothing. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn."
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a quick and sloppy tutorial on drawing profiles for the anon who requested it. hope this helps some people! 

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